"well versed in guiding small business owners.."

I highly recommend hiring Mary Jane for your bookkeeping needs!  She is a true professional, who is knowledgeable in accounting, but also well versed in guiding small business owners, such as myself, to overcome their bookkeeping and QuickBooks anxiety.  She listened to my needs and broke down the process into easily digestible sessions, accompanied by a well-organized binder to keep it all together.  She patiently answered my repeated questions about terminology and best practices.  And, I cannot wait to start the new year off with a clean set of books.  I think of all the stress I could have been spared had I only hired her sooner!

Lori Reed, Reed Creative, LLC - Graphic Design Studio Owner  December 2013

Contact:  REED Creative LLC     lori@reedcreative.come  504-913-9123

"Looking forward to lots more emotional freedom.."

Thank you so much for your help this past year in my bookkeeping efforts.  I have been struggling along for eons - always in need of organizational assistance and feeling like I wouldn't be able to communicate my needs or afford the time and expense of working with a professional bookkeeper.  You made it all so easy!!

I knew you were the right person to work with when I heard you describe your bookkeeping at a networking meeting - I knew immediately that you would understand me.  More that worries about the expense of hiring a professional, I was worrying about how much time it was going to take to transfer responsibilities.  I've always been a do-it-yourselfer because it's faster, cheaper, and less confusing.. thank you for stepping right up, running along beside me and giving me the confidence to "hand over the baton!"

Once I'd come to the decision that I needed help and you came by, sat with me, and really listened to me, I knew I'd made the right decision... your reassurance that all would be well kept me from feeling the waves of nausea that were about to overwhelm me as I faced the need to reenter all that data!!

I'm happy to say, the systems you have set up for me are working beautifully!  I'm looking forward o lots more emotional freedom and fun in the years to come!!  Thanks, Polly

Polly Malby, RN, CNM, retired; Certified Health Coach, Specializing in Personal & Corporate Wellness

Polly Malby, RN, CNM, retired; Certified Health Coach

"Countless bookkeeping hours taking their toll..."


The long countless hours of doing my own bookkeeping was taking its toll.  My clients were not getting their invoices and my monies were not flowing into the business in a timely manner  It was difficult to find the right bookkeeping service for my academic tutoring business, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Mary Jane Weigel, owner of Business Management Services, is truly worth her weight in gold!  She immediately understood the needs of my business and created effective solutions and programs, which have resulted in enhanced efficiency.  Business Management Services is a trusted business that has greatly my company's needs.

If you want a bookkeeping service that is always there for you, I highly recommend Mary Jane Weigel, the "Fearless Bookkeeper."  Throughout my time working with Mary Jane, she has provided consistent quality service, which in turn has helped my small business to move forward and grow.

With Mary Jane Weigel by my side, I now have the confidence and peace of mind spending that extra time with my family!


Sandy Waguespack. B.A., M.Ed., Madisonville, LA

Sandy Waguespack, B.A., M.Ed.

"Organized, impeccable records..."

My CPA referred me to Mary Jane Weigel, owner of Business Management Services, for our bookkeeping needs.  She has proven to be invaluable to our small business over the past four years.

Mary Jane personally met with me once a month to deliver organized, impeccable records and re ports in binders for my review.  All of her accounting was easy to access and set up by the month with copies of bank, credit union and cred cards statements attached.  As a small business, we depend on timely and accurate profit and loss statements.  Mary Jane was able to quick bring four months of records up-to-date after our regular bookkeeper was unable to follow through.  We were able to file our quarterly reports with penalty.

I high recommend Mary Jane for her honesty, integrity, cost-effective serve and organization of crucial accounting records and reports.  I has been a pleasure working with a true professional, who knows hoe to communicate so well.  I am able to call, email, fax or even meet personal with her whenever the need arises and, I always get a timely response to my questions and concerns.
Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the bookkeeping services Mary Jane provides to our company.  I can be reach at 503-663-7336.


Lorraine Platz

Managing Member

Pilgrim's Progress Preservation Services, LLC

Lorraine Platz
Pilgrim's Progress Preservation Services, LLC

"the best and easiest decision I have ever made!"

After working with my other bookkeeper for a number of years, I felt it was time to move on and find someone new.  I needed someone with patience and an upbeat attitude, also one who wouldn't overcharge me by over complicating my fairly simple home business work.

I found an ad for a bookkeeper and decided to give her a call.  That's when I heard the most pleasant voice on the other end answering my call.  I knew I liked Mary Jane right away!  We set up a time to meet and hit if off immediately.

She discovered that my books had essentially been over-complicated by my last bookkeeper and she made the changes that were needed.  After doing this, she explained things to me that had once felt mysterious and challenging.  She also took the time to teach me how to properly do my own book entries, so I could try and save some money.

I decided to have Mary Jane do my books and make all quarterly entries.  We have been working together for several years now.  She is a delight to work with.  There is never a problem that she can't figure out or a mistake I have made that she can't fix.

My accountant is always happy with the file I take her at tax time that Mary Jane has made for me.  This change has been the best and easiest decision I have ever made!  Taxes used to be an upsetting and stressful time for me every year... now, I can relax and for that, I'm forever grateful!

Julie Feinberg, Owner            

Tangles Salon, Portland, OR

Julie Feinberg
Tangles Salon
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