Welcome! I am Mary Jane Weigel, “The Fearless Bookkeeper.”    I remove the fear of numbers for small business owners!”

       You found the right place, IF:

       You want to get passed that frustration and stress of uttering the word “QuickBooks!”

You realize you are in the same spot you were one year ago, after swearing it would never happen again!   OR – and this is the best reason –

       You wish you had a fairy godmother to pat you on the back, say “That’s OK, I’ll do it for you!”  

        It’s time you spend your time doing what is more important for your  business.   Continue to grow your business.   Call me – Mary Jane Weigel, “The Fearless Bookkeeper”  -  to set up a free 30-minute  get-to-know-you over a cup of tea or coffee.

Let’s review what part of this discipline bothers you the most.  At the end of this short time, I guarantee you will have at least a process in hand by which to manage your banking and expenses.   And though you will have “food for thought,” you will have experienced a sense of calm just knowing “this thing” is manageable!

Is this too much to decide?  Is it money well spent, especially this time of year with summer coming?   Here are some points to consider:

1.  If you don’t decide today to call me today, this is a decision all by itself.   You decided to put it off.  Again.    Not good.

2.  Is your reason an attempt to “save money?”   I’m not sure about this… whose money are you saving?  Could you be earning money during the time you are doing your books?  What does that rate differential look like?

3.  Check out my Classes page.  See if my tutorial packages work for you!  Sign up early for quarterly QuickBooks classes (Early Bird Specials are always available) or  email me today at maryjane@fearlessbookkeeping.com .  Let’s decide what it is that holding you back and I will design a tutorial package for your needs.

4.  Bonus point!   Once you tackle the task you have putt off the longest, you have already made a second decision!   You are now able to move ahead with the more important parts of life that summer brings. …  without any bookkeeping worries.  WOW!

Unlike many small business owners who have not yet visited my site, you are here and now all you have to do is call me!  Let’s meet for 30-minutes this coming week to assess your work, establish a mutually workable timeline and get going!


“Watch your habits; they become character.”

—Lao Tzu: philosopher of ancient China


Your bookkeeping will be manageable, explainable and most of all, cost effective.   In school days of old, you were reminded of the three “R’s” (reading, writing and ‘rithmetic).   Here are three more R”s!  There are three advantages of my free 30-minute assessment:

1.   Respect –  You will respect yourself!  Your numbers will no longer be a “non topic.”  You will be able to discuss your books confidently with your banker, partner and /or tax person.

2.   Renewal –  You have a plan!  Now, go live life!

3.   Results –   Almost instant satisfaction, stress free (at least in this arena) – knowing this huge To Do is now handled and has a check mark next to it.  Frame that sticky!  Your business will thank you; your tax preparer will thank you and your books will be balanced in 2014!

And now, the best part.  You will receive an award.

4.   REWARD -  Remember that backburner?   Your bookkeeping is no longer on it!  That corner is clean.  With your newly acquired knowledge, balanced books and procedures in place, you now have clean spaces.   Clean spaces in your office, oh my!  Clean spaces make for a clean brain.  Yahoo!

NOTE:  Financial reports are presented in manageable quarterly binders for you to keep.  If you are unfamiliar with financial reports – and many business owners are – I will show you how to read your reports.  I personally guarantee that we (you and I) will review your company’s monthly and quarterly reports together at your pace and know there is never a dumb question.

      MAKE THIS HAPPEN!   Let’s install your QuickBooks and begin your bookkeeping today.   Gather your receipts and bank statements.  Call “The Fearless Bookkeeper” today for an appointment this week.   503-317-8854.

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