Welcome!  I am Mary Jane Charles, “The Fearless Bookkeeper.”    I remove the fear of numbers for small business owners!”

       You found the right place, IF:

       You received QuickBooks for the “New Year,” and haven’t opened it yet!

You were proud the day you uploaded it… and have never used it!

and this is the best reason of all –

       You think you might “break it!”

        Now is the time.  You need this. Your business needs this!  You will be surprised what you will know after we meet.   Call me – Mary Jane Charles, “The Fearless Bookkeeper”  –  to set up a free 30-minute  QuickBook warm-up.

Bring your questions and your calendar.   At the end of this short half hour, I guarantee you will have a process in hand, by which to manage your banking and expenses.   And you will have experienced a sense of calm, understanding “this thing” is manageable!

Summer is only a few weeks away.  Some points to consider:

1.  Call me today!  I can help you bring your business financials up-to-date by 6/30.    You will be so proud, relieved and knowledgeable all at once, knowing your financial house is in order before you leave on vacation!

2.  Set up your appointment today!   The first 30 minutes are free.  Bookkeeping is not expensive; it is necessary!

3.  Bonus point!   Once you tackle the task you have put off the longest, you have already made a second decision!   You can enjoy your summer!  WOW!

The schedule is filling up, so call to see your appointment now.  We will find a day and time that works for both of us.  Let’s get going!

Always do right.  This will gratify some people and

astonish the rest.”   —Mark Twain,  American humorist & author

Your bookkeeping will be manageable, explainable and most of all, cost effective.   In school days of old, you were reminded of the three “R’s” (reading, writing and ‘rithmetic).   Here are three more R”s!  There are three advantages of my free 30-minute assessment:

1.   Respect –   Your numbers will no longer be a “non topic.”  You will speak confidently with your banker, partner and /or tax person;  they in turn will respect your knowledge and efforts on behalf of your bottom line.

2.   Renewal –  You have a plan!   Enjoy your summer.

3.   Results –   Your stress level will lower considerably, just by attending your 30-minute free appointment.  There will be work to be done, but you will have a plan.  This To Do, however, now has a check mark next to it.

And now, the best part.  You will receive an award!

4.   REWARD   Remember that backburner?   That corner is empty!  With your newly acquired knowledge, balanced books and procedures in place, you now have clean spaces.   Clean spaces in your office, of course, but can you feel the “clean space”  in your brain.  Yahoo!

NOTE:  Financial reports are presented in manageable quarterly binders for you to keep.  If you are unfamiliar with financial reports – and many business owners are – I will show you how to read your reports.  I personally guarantee that we (you and I) will review your company’s monthly and quarterly reports together at your pace and know there is never a dumb question.

      MAKE THIS HAPPEN!   Let’s install your QuickBooks and begin your bookkeeping today.   Gather your receipts and bank statements.  Call “The Fearless Bookkeeper” today for your appointment.   503-317-8854.

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